I love nice things, but I’m a frugal foxx to the core! I’m the one who goes through the store with a cart full of things and by the time I get to checkout I’m putting everything back. To my defense, I’m a single mom so I have to make these coins stretch! That’s why I thrift! Below ares 8 ways to thrift effectively so you can slay on a budget!

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One Thrifted Dress Styled Three Different Ways

Last winter I scored this military inspired button front dress from my local Goodwill. The dress has brown buttons down the front that compliments the army green (green is my favorite color if you haven’t noticed from my Instagram). I love the strap and button detail on the shoulder and huge pockets across the breast. Gives the dress a military vibe. The best part is I paid $6.00 for this dress at the Goodwill and have gotten so many different wears out of it. This dress is super cute on its own but my favorite way to wear it is with the buttons undone as a duster. View Post