stripes and highwaist

Would you believe me if I told you this outfit cost me less than twenty bucks?! Well, minus the booties and earrings. Point is, you can look put together without spending a lot of money. How? Thrifting duh! I scored this entire look from the Goodwill! Not in one trip, but over the course of three trips over the past couple months. Good quality pieces too (deets on my new favorite top below)!

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“I get paid just for laying in the shade. To take pictures with a glass of lemonade” is my current mood stated by the original Queen B Lil’ Kim. Only problem is, I don’t have lemonade and I didn’t get paid to lay here. But I did receive this amazing bag and smart watch from Fossil so either way I’m winning, right (links below)?! View Post



While thrifting at Goodwill I found this classic cotton blue seersucker suit. I was happy to find one that I didn’t have to tailor (I’m only 5’2). With seersucker fabric, it is all about the fit. Even though this suit is stitched at the waist, it still gives me that boy meets girl vibe which is on trend. The lightweight breathable fabric is perfect for Spring/Summer.

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