“I get paid just for laying in the shade. To take pictures with a glass of lemonade” is my current mood stated by the original Queen B Lil’ Kim. Only problem is, I don’t have lemonade and I didn’t get paid to lay here. But I did receive this amazing bag and smart watch from Fossil so either way I’m winning, right (links below)?!

Lately I’ve been trying to do more “laying in the shade” and taking time to just live. In addition to self-care (which millennial’s are overly obsessed with right now), I’ve been trying to stay offline as much as possible, be a good steward over my money, try things I’ve never tried, and overall create new memories. Kyleah has been gone for the summer so it was the perfect time re-center myself because creatively I have been drained.

Drop some gems below on how you re-center yourself when you’re in a rut?

What I Wore

Tie-Front Crop Top – Forever 21 | High-Rise Jeans – Target | Purse – Fossil | Ryder Satchel Purse – Fossil | Gen 3 Smartwatch – Fossil | Sunglass (sold out) – Shop ABSM


** Style Tip: If you have a little belly like I do high waist jeans can sabotage you or can make you look snatched. They key to looking snatched is all about your undergarment. If you have mom jeans like me, be sure to wear control top panties that will suck everything in and smooth you out! I also opted for a plus size crop top to it can fit loose enough to cover up any back fat lol. I also just like the flowy top in contrast with the fitted jeans. Balance. Who said curvy girls wouldn’t wear crop tops?! It’s all about how we do it.

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