Mary Jo K Lipkit Review by Kylie Cosmetics

I dont think there is one person under the age of 40 who hasn’t heard the buzz around Kylie Jenners lip kit’s. I’ll admit that when the lip kits first came out, I didn’t want to purchase them. Even if I did, the day it dropped the site crashed and sold out immediately. With the Kardashian/Jenner clan all over tv and social media, I just knew it was all hype and per usual, everyone was eating out the palm of their hands. That was until I kept seeing girls around town with this vibrant red lipstick on. You know I love me some red lipstick, so I had to ask what they were wearing. Every time the answer was, “Mary Jo K lipkit by Kylie Jenner”. I don’t know about you, but if I hear about something three times I have to try it out.

The Mary Jo K lip kit by Kylie Cosmetics is a  matte liquid lipstick and lip liner. She created this line after receiving so much attention about her lips. Before coming out with the lip kit she claimed she achieved her full pout by over lining her lips and applying lipstick.. In my Maury Povich voice, “and the lie detector test determined that was a LIE! LOL

But hey, she is young and didn’t want people to know she got lips injections. I’m sure we all did silly things when we were teens.. No judgment here, DO YOU BOO! And she looks GORG! Have to give it to her for capitalize on the lip scandal tho! According to, Kylie raked in $18M the year her cosmetic line launched. Now that I got you caught up on the tea, let’s get into my 6 pros and cons of Kylie’s lip kit.


  • Color is vibrant
  • Long wear
  • Truly a matte lipstick


  • Drying (like most matte lipsticks)
    • Moisturize you lips at least 30 minutes prior to applying
  • Hard to wash off
    • The best remover for this is a oil. I use coconut oil to void staining on my skin.
  • Although I said a pro was long wear the stipulation is to fill in your lips first with the liner. If you don’t line your entire lip, it will wear off a little in the center (like the pic below)

Upon receiving my package, she had me at hello! The packaging is bomb! Not only the packaging of the actual lip kit, but the box the product comes in and a personalized note. Kylie Jenner’s lip kit’s retail at $29.00. Shipping was pretty quick. I live in Florida and it was shipped from California. I received my lip kit in 4 days. Even with the cons I will be making another purchase. I really want to try the apricot lip kit, Kylighters, and the eyeshadows. Have you tried Kylie’s lipkits yet? If so, whats you favorite Kylie Cosmetic product? Let me know what you think in comments below.



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