Manifesting & Moving

Sometimes I find myself in these ruts where I cannot create. I feel uninspired and to be honest defeated. Being a single mom, working at a job I don’t enjoy can take its toll. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for what I have. However, I’ve always seen myself achieving more.

Dream and Manifest

To keep myself motivated I’ve done everything from writing down my grateful list daily, words of affirmation, meditation, and creating a vision board. Sometimes this simply isn’t enough and I still find myself feeling down. The new thing I’ve been trying in addition to my normal routine is speaking things as if they are so and putting things in front of me that give me peace or things I would like to acquire.

I love visiting the beach. Something about the water makes me feel closer to God. I usually visit the beach once a week to watch the sun rise and to pray. My daughter and I was trying to find parking and stumbled across this house. I was immediately mesmerized by it. The architecture, the smell of the ocean, the landscaping. I could imagine myself not having to drive 30 minutes to watch the sunrise, but to simply open my patio door and bask in God’s beautiful creation. I made an emotional connection with this place. So, I took a picture of it (and pictures in front of it lol).

Dream and Manifest

Something about living outside of the vision board and physically getting in front of the things that you want instantly gives me a boost of energy and inspiration to keep pushing and go get it! If you have a dream car, I suggest getting dressed and going to test drive that car you’ve always wanted. Not once, but often and get to work to obtain what you truly want. After hearing the passing of my favorite blogger/influencer/style icon Kyrzayda Rodriguez yesterday, I realized tomorrow isn’t promised. Pursue your dreams to the fullest and LIVE! 


Calihan Aviator Sunglasses – Fossil | Sheer Flower Applicae Blouse – Ross | Wild Fable High Waist Jeans – Target | Crossbody – Goodwill | Q Venture HR Watch – Fossil | Barley There Sandals – Charlotte Russe




  1. September 12, 2018 / 9:08 AM

    OMG I so loved this blog post. I feel like we are living in the same place right now emotionally. As a blogger its not always easy to create compelling, informative, valuable content if you are not feeling centered. I have contemplated moving New York for years. Anywhere near the water as I too feel a sense of peace and serenity there. You mentioning waking up and just basking in God’s creation sent chills down my spine. Thank you for sharing this because lately I’ve felt like I’ve been existing and not truly living. Shoot I may just go test drive a few cars these next couple of months lol!

    • lalafoxx
      September 12, 2018 / 1:10 PM

      Thank you so much! Yes, go test drive that car and manifest it! You deserve it ❤️

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