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Hey Loves! Here on I mostly talk about Fashion and Style, but the truth is I haven’t felt the most confident in my clothes lately. Over the past few years, I’ve gained 30 pounds, mostly from working a job where I sit most of the day, eating late, and not making time to work out.

My workout journey has been pretty inconsistent. I’ll work out for two week consistently, and then fall off for a month or so. I mean posting it on my social media and all, just to fall off and gain weight. Embarrassing but I’m human and life happens. I’ve had a box sitting in the back of my closet for year full of clothes I no longer can fit. I won’t donate them because I have hopes that I will one day fit back into these clothes (insert crying emoji). Am I the only one?

To hold myself accountable and help others that are struggling with the same thing, I created Fit for Fashion! There will be a private Facebook Group to keep everyone connected, show their journey, share tips, live video’s, and overall just to support one another. I will post 30 day challenges to add to your fitness routine (squat, plank, crunch’s etc.). If you are not part of the Facebook group, you can search Fit for Fashion w/ Lala Foxx or click here. Below is a link to sign up for my Fitness Planner!

What to Expect

In the FREE E Book you will receive printable worksheets of the following:

  1. Goal Tracker – For me the best way to stay motivated is to keep track of where I started and note my progress each wee.
    1. Track your beginning weight & inches
    2. Note your problem areas
    3. Record you weekly progress
  2. Workout Log Sheet – We can get stagnant if we continue to do the same routine over and over. With this sheet you want to record your workout, sets, reps, and weight. Each week challenge yourself and up the weight, reps or completely change up your routine. You do not want to plateau.
  3. Food Diary Sheet – The best way to stay on track with your diet is to record what you’ve eaten. You will also get app recommendation!

To download a copy of the Fitness Planner, click below!



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