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Paper Bag Pants and Floral Top with Blazer

paperbag pants and blazer and tank lalafoxx

Recognize this “top”? If you follow the blog, this top is actually a spaghetti strap dress I picked up from Ross a few months back. I love it because of the dark florals and velvet material. Its super simple yet sexy any way you style it. The key with this piece is playing around with the different colors in the dress and use different textures.

paperbag pants and blazer and tank lalafoxx

Here I tucked the dress into a pair of paper bag pants I picked up off the clearance rack at H&M. I threw a blazer over the dress and wore velvet pumps to tie in with the texture of the dress. This outfit is perfect for Sunday brunch with your girlfriends.

paperbag pants and blazer and tank lalafoxx paperbag pants and blazer and tank lalafoxx paperbag pants and blazer and tank lalafoxx paperbag pants and blazer and tank lalafoxx

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Dress – Ross | Pants – H&M | Blazer – Charlotte Russe | Velvet Pumps – Forever 21

Other Styling Ideas

dark floral dress at cigar lounge lala foxxHere I wore the dress all by itself for date night (no I do not smoke but had to take a pic for the gram lol). I chose to keep it simple here. Minimal accessories. Barley there sandals. The legs and chest was all the accessories I needed lol. Less is more sometimes.


Dark Floral Dress & Turtleneck (Layers)

Here I dressed it up with a turtle neck and a long vest because it was freezing outside. For all the outfit details on this look here. If the dress code is business casual work, you could definitely wear this. If you don’t like showing your legs, simply throw some tights on underneath.



20 Random Facts about Me

20 Random Facts About Me Lala Foxx

20 Random Facts About Me Lala Foxx

I’ve been seeing these random facts about me post on my Instagram timeline and they are so fun! Its Hump Day so I thought why not lists my 20 random facts? Gives you an opportunity to get to know me better and just have some fun. Lets get into it! (more…)

Be Fearless

Be Fearless Lala Foxx

Happy Monday Foxes! Before re-launching my blog in 2015 (after abandoning it for 3 years), I spent countless hours perfecting my website, planning my brand aesthetic, writing blog post, coming up with outfits etc. I was so excited about changing the focus of my blog to personal style and lifestyle and I couldn’t wait to share what I love with the world. Even with all the excitement, I was scared out my mind to press publish. (more…)

Cozy in Classics

I live for a fun trendy piece. However the older I get, I gravitate more towards classic pieces that I can style a lot of different ways. I’m a single mom, so having the ability to maximize my warbsrobe is key.

The weather is cold here in Jacksonville and I throw on my cozy classic wrap coat any chance I get. I don’t know if you recognize the “shirt” I have on? It’s the green dress I purchased from H&M and wore to the Crème of Nature Naturals Night Out event. I love the rich green against the beige coat. I simply tucked the front in. If you choose to make a dress into a shirt and pair it with skinny jeans, be sure to make everything smooth. You don’t want the dress looking bunchy. To add a dark contrast I wore my super comfy distressed black skinny jeans, black suede booties, and my oversized black fedora. Do you like to wear trendy clothes or classic pieces? Let me know in the comments below. (more…)

Dark Floral Dress & Turtleneck (Layers)

Good evening loves! Living in Florida its all about layers & transitioning your wardrobe. In this post I show you how to layer your summer favs during this fickle fall weather.

There’s only two weeks left before Christmas! It’s been pretty hard to get into the Holiday spirit due to the weather here in Florida. For example, today it was 80 degrees and tomorrow it will be 59. Thank God I love layering in the Fall/Winter! You’ll see a lot of layered looks on the blog if the weather keeps this up.


Thrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped Jeans

Thrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped Jeans

I’m a sucker when it comes to jackets -any outerwear really. I’m not a stranger to thrifting, but here lately I’ve been finding some gems! Maybe because it’s the end of the year and everyone is purging their closets. Either way, when I saw this zipper front tweed jacket at Goodwill I immediately threw it in my cart!

Thrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped Jeans

Being a single mom I tend to be a frugal fashionista. I will do anything to save my coins and I definitely wasn’t mad at snagging this cute jacket for $5.00. For five bucks I can wear the jacket with jeans like I did here, or throw on some slacks, blouse and pumps and wear this to work. Versatility is everything for me! Thou shall stretch thy coinT! 🙌🏽😂

I love the black trim and zipper closure – gives it a edgy feel. Most tweed jackets I find have button closures so I thought this one was unique. Paired with the tweed jacket, I wore a black ribbed bodysuit, black distressed skinny jeans, and black lace up sandals. If your interested in purchasing anything I’m wearing all the details are below. Unfortunately I don’t have the link for the jacket but I found a cute similar option.


Lipstick – Mary Jo Kay – Kylie Cosmetic |


In 2018, I definitely want to travel more. Although in these pictures I’m in Jacksonville, its give me all kind of vacation vibes! In the New Year, what’s one thing you plan on doing for YOU? Let me know in the comments below.

Fishnets & Paper-Bag Pants

Fishnets & Paper-Bag PantsMonday’s are normally a drag for me, but today I’m excited because it’s a three day work week! Over the weekend I finalized my Thanksgiving menu, took photo’s for the blog, had lunch with my girls, did some shopping, and stalked all the black Friday ads. Somewhat productive, right?  (more…)

How to dress for Fall in Florida – Layers of Love

Florida is finally getting cooler, but this Michigan native is NOT complaining. However, living in Florida, dressing for Fall can be tricky. One moment its cold and the next its hot. That’s why I love wearing layers! It’s perfect because like pictured here, in the mornings I can wear a turtle neck with a button down or jacket. But in the afternoon, I can wrap the button down around my waist to stay cool and it gives me a edgy look. (more…)

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