Month: December 2017

Dark Floral Dress & Turtleneck (Layers)

Good evening loves! Living in Florida its all about layers & transitioning your wardrobe. In this post I show you how to layer your summer favs during this fickle fall weather.

There’s only two weeks left before Christmas! It’s been pretty hard to get into the Holiday spirit due to the weather here in Florida. For example, today it was 80 degrees and tomorrow it will be 59. Thank God I love layering in the Fall/Winter! You’ll see a lot of layered looks on the blog if the weather keeps this up.


Thrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped Jeans

Thrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped Jeans

I’m a sucker when it comes to jackets -any outerwear really. I’m not a stranger to thrifting, but here lately I’ve been finding some gems! Maybe because it’s the end of the year and everyone is purging their closets. Either way, when I saw this zipper front tweed jacket at Goodwill I immediately threw it in my cart!

Thrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped JeansThrifted Tweed Jacket and Ripped Jeans

Being a single mom I tend to be a frugal fashionista. I will do anything to save my coins and I definitely wasn’t mad at snagging this cute jacket for $5.00. For five bucks I can wear the jacket with jeans like I did here, or throw on some slacks, blouse and pumps and wear this to work. Versatility is everything for me! Thou shall stretch thy coinT! 🙌🏽😂

I love the black trim and zipper closure – gives it a edgy feel. Most tweed jackets I find have button closures so I thought this one was unique. Paired with the tweed jacket, I wore a black ribbed bodysuit, black distressed skinny jeans, and black lace up sandals. If your interested in purchasing anything I’m wearing all the details are below. Unfortunately I don’t have the link for the jacket but I found a cute similar option.


Lipstick – Mary Jo Kay – Kylie Cosmetic |


In 2018, I definitely want to travel more. Although in these pictures I’m in Jacksonville, its give me all kind of vacation vibes! In the New Year, what’s one thing you plan on doing for YOU? Let me know in the comments below.