20 Random Facts about Me

20 Random Facts About Me Lala Foxx

I’ve been seeing these random facts about me post on my Instagram timeline and they are so fun! Its Hump Day so I thought why not lists my 20 random facts? Gives you an opportunity to get to know me better and just have some fun. Lets get into it!

20 Random Facts About Me Lala Foxx

20 Random Facts About Me

  1. I love to dance. I use to battle in completions and I love to perform. I do hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, and ballet. Growing up I thought I would be a choreographer and own my own dance studio.
  2. I’m a self proclaimed vegan Chef. I love making vegan comfort food and tricking my friends and family into thinking they are eating meat lol (recipes coming soon)
  3. I’m a introvert. Despite being a blogger and being a bit extra, I tend to be very shy and love being alone. Virgo to the core.
  4. I’m a huge Star Wars fan
  5. I hate it when toilet paper is backwards on the roll
  6. I use to coach youth cheerleading
  7. I have 5 siblings (3 sisters and one brother). One on my mom side (youngest) and four on my dad (middle child).
  8. I started walking at 10 months old
  9. I was 4 lbs when I was born and I wore doll clothes (no I wasn’t a premature)
  10. I got married at 20 (Now divorced but my beautiful daughter came out of it)
  11. I HATE scary movies. Even some suspenseful. I don’t get enjoyment out of being afraid
  12. I love dark chocolate (especially in conjunction with red wine)
  13. My favorite food is Thai food
  14. I was a tomboy growing up. Climbing trees, refusing to wear dresses, hung with the boys, played with frogs etc. (trust me I have all the scars to prove it)
  15. I’ve had grey hair since I was a child (4 strands to be exact)
  16. I’ve taken Spanish 3 times and I still only know how to greet ppl.. Hola. Como esta. Muy bein etc. nothing else
  17. My mother gave me away at 11 and I didn’t meet my father until I was 15 so I tend to be a loner and not super close to family
  18. Growing up I thought I was related to Jesus because my eyes are a russet red like they describe him in the Bible lol! Again, don’t judge me.
  19. I have freckles
  20. I’m only 5’1 🙁

20 Random Facts About Me Lala Foxx 20 Random Facts About Me Lala Foxx

I hope this was fun for you to read. Let me know if you like content like this and I would be happy to do more random fun post. I love hearing from you! Let me know in the comments one random fact about you that people may not know.

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