8 Ways To Thrift Effectively

I love nice things, but I’m a frugal foxx to the core! I’m the one who goes through the store with a cart full of things and by the time I get to checkout I’m putting everything back. To my defense, I’m a single mom so I have to make these coins stretch! That’s why I thrift! Below ares 8 ways to thrift effectively so you can slay on a budget!

Pick your Neighborhood Wisely

This is number one because it is most important! The neighborhood you choose to thrift in will determine what quality, quantity of items, and type of store. For example, if your shopping in the suburban area, your more prone to find quality name brand items. But in the inner city, you’ll find a lot of one of a kind items and honestly cheaply made as well. Gotta take the good and the bad.

Dress for Success

With the clothing being used, I take precautionary measures until I get my items home and wash them myself. When thrifting always bring leggings, thin socks, and a cotton camisole. When trying on clothes, I always wear these as undergarment or a barrier between my skin and the used clothes. That way if the clothes are a little dusty my skin doesn’t feel itchy after. This may not be an issue for you. But if you have sensitive skin like me, I highly suggest this step.


If you take anything from this post, always stick to this. Try on everything! Nothing is ever true to size. So again, try on everything! Keep in mind things can be tailored for a better fit. But bottom line trust your gut. If you try it on and you do not feel good in it, don’t buy it.

Check for Deals

Every thrift store is different. Some have certain days dedicated to sales. Others do weekly deals. Check on social media to see if they have a page. If so, they will usually post their deals there. You can also call ahead or just ask while you in the store.

thrift store tips lala foxx


Don’t Sleep on the Men’s Section

This is my favorite section! Whenever I need something oversized or with a structured fit, I always shop the mens section. My favorite thing to buy are the blazers and button ups. When shopping the mens section still be sure to try everything on.

Examine the Clothes Thoroughly

Before you head to check out, take a moment to look at each piece. Make sure they don’t have any holes, missing buttons, rips/tears. For easy fixes like missing buttons, please keep in mind you can ask for a discount. Some stores will not give a discount but most will. In my opinion always ask. All they can say is yes, or no.

Make the Tailor your Bestie

This is the game changer. Tailoring your thrift finds will take the fit and your overall style to another level. If you find that perfect blazer but it would look better if it was stitch at the waist, find a good tailor that will measure you and place a dart in your blazer so it can fit your body just right! The most common thing to get tailored are pants. I’m short and my ankles are small so I always have to get my pants hemmed and tapered.

Go Often

The best way to thrift is to go without anything in mind. Just have fun and explore. Don’t get bummed if you don’t find what you were looking for. Things are donated all the time. So shop often! If you find things you are unsure about, throw them in the cart anyway until you can make it to the dressing room. Trust me, if you sit things down, nine times out of ten someone will come right behind and grab it lol.


I hope you enjoyed these 8 tips on how to thrift effectively. If you use any of these tips and find good stuff, I want to see it! Post your finds on Instagram using the hashtag #FrugalFoxx. Also, in the comments below tell me the dopest thing you’ve found thrifting! If you’re not a thrifter, let me know what holds you back. Happy shopping!


Psst.. bonus tip. If your on a budget like me, walk in with a dollar amount in mind to stay under. My general thrift budget is twenty dollars. I rarely go over that. If you struggle with staying within your budget, plan ahead by barring cash and leave your debit card at home or somewhere else safe. Ok, I’m done for real this time lol.

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